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POAS Addiction and Fertility Super Supplements

Multiple home pregnancy test strips

May 13 – I'm starting to like the routine of waking and taking my basal body temperature. That is the thing when you are TTC, you think about it every waking hour. It's nice to have an activity to support the thought. It makes me feel productive.

I rise and take my temperature and note an increase. OVULATION! This means I ovulated yesterday. The temperature rises the day after ovulation. That makes today 1DPO or 1 day post ovulation. Each day post ovulation (until pregnant or period) is part of my luteal phase. I need to count the number of days in my luteal phase to confirm it is long enough to support implantation. Anything less than 14 days could be a problem. Dr. Google doesn't agree on this one across the board. Some references say anything less that 12 day is an issue. It's called Luteal Phase Defect or (LPD).

Three months ago, I had no idea what ANY of this was. Gotta try and not overwhelm myself. Information is supposed to be power, not paralyzing. Slow down, #teamtoomuch

I've read and researched a number of super supplements. I decide to log what I am taking, when I started taking it and the dosage. I will introduce one at a time and see how I respond.

Supplements: Vitex (Chaste Berry)



Wheat Grass

Ground flaxseed

Vitamin E

Dried goji berries

I'm also suddenly ADDICTED to peeing on things. Well, by 'things' I mean tests related to my fertility. Dr. Google explains that peeing on fertility related things is called POAS or peeing on a stick. She also explains that when you do it a LOT (once a day, every day is considered A LOT) you are called a #POASAddict because you are seemingly addicted to peeing on a stick.

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