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The word obsession

June 3 – Obsessively watching the BBC show about Midwives. Really excited to accept whatever miracle comes my way. IF the child is gay, transgender, or some other version of non-traditional child, I'm ready. I’m open to loving whatever miracle of life God blesses me with... I want to have the miracle of a child, I can appreciate it in a different way. My mom’s words echo in my ears, if there is a way to do it, you will make it happen. Amen.

Took a pregnancy test and an ovulation test, in the name of science, with my FMU. hCG had a very faint positive, so the hCG is not registering at 20 iu yet. The LH test came back with a strong positive! My first one ever, now I know what it looks like. I took a picture. The test line is MUCH darker than the control line, just like the directions read. I think the digital one is probably cooler, because it give you a no, high or peak. This cheapie one just says if it you have the LH present or not. The digital one tests for a bit of quantitative, instead of purely qualitative. I’m always up for more data!

Lastly tested my cervical mucus. It is not egg white quality at ALL. It’s clumpy and a bit gummy. It is wet though. I have been taking cod liver oil and evening primrose oil. Although much to my chagrin, realized yesterday that I hadn’t finished my cod liver oil from Thursday. Also, didn’t drink my normal 64 oz of water. Bad girl! Must not do that when we are having a real run! Gotta get that egg white mucus. Also took a green tea smoothie with maca this morning. Need to drink more water. It’s 5:59pm now, will have to get up and go for a walk in an hour. I’ve only walked a grand total of 699 steps in my apartment. Did have yummy sushi. The seawood wrap, avocado, asparagus, cucumber and yellow tail are all good fertility food. See, I’m not completely hopeless! Also had a shot of wheatgrass and royal jelly. Yum!

Went for an evening walk. I was gassy, and the walking helps. Beware the person walking behind me! THAR SHE BLOWS! As I walked (and in between passing gas) I imagined a peaceful baby delivery and holding a healthy full term baby in my arms.

My left ovary is twitching. Is it ovulation?? Trying to stay in tune with my body. Trying to tune in to my body and be more aware of what is going on….which should be straight forward since I KNOW I will be ovulating this weekend. Good old medical miracle! Now I wish I would have taken my temps this morning. Meh. It was nice to sleep in! it’s 1:00 am and I am pretty sure the pain on lower left pelvic area is ovulation.

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