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It's not a family I could have chosen, but I am proud to walk it alongside you and call you sister. #InfertilitySucks

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Let's all start here and introduce ourselves! Who are you, where are you and how long have you been TTC?

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Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of true strength

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Wherever you are in your IVF journey, please connect and share with others on the same path.

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The longest part of TTC is that dreaded TWW. Pass the time by swapping symptom stories with your TTC sister.

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When did 35 become advanced maternal age? Is over 40 ancient? Ouch! Trials and tribulations on the road to motherhood

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IUI is usually done just before IVF (thanks insurance!) and can have many twists and turns. Let's talk about it!

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Because fighting this war requires us to be healthy and strong in mind and body. #SHeros

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Congratulations! You've finally got that BIG FAT POSITIVE!! Please share your story and let's all celebrate.

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  • Well, its been tons of blessings that have been on this journey.... My ovaries were not responding, and by many prayers..they started growing after they raised my dose...but i am almost out of meds .. I need 2 gonal-f pens and 8 vials of menopur...if anyone has any they do not need.. You would be such a blessing!.. Thank you
  • Just got my first (and likely only) IVF cycle completed and it was such a crazy ride. Every day there was something new to tackle and so much information to process. If I could tell my "pre-IVF self" anything? Don't make plans and go with the flow. One thing that helped through was a nice little reminder in my IVF notebook "Strive for progress, not perfection" and that ultimately gave me solace as I waded through the data versus the reality of my specific circumstances. What would you tell YOUR pre-IVF self??

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