Dec 10, 2018



Well, its been tons of blessings that have been on this journey.... My ovaries were not responding, and by many prayers..they started growing after they raised my dose...but i am almost out of meds .. I need 2 gonal-f pens and 8 vials of menopur...if anyone has any they do not need.. You would be such a blessing!.. Thank you

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  • Just got my first (and likely only) IVF cycle completed and it was such a crazy ride. Every day there was something new to tackle and so much information to process. If I could tell my "pre-IVF self" anything? Don't make plans and go with the flow. One thing that helped through was a nice little reminder in my IVF notebook "Strive for progress, not perfection" and that ultimately gave me solace as I waded through the data versus the reality of my specific circumstances. What would you tell YOUR pre-IVF self??

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