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First Mid-Cycle Scan and Trigger Shot

Person sticking syringe into side of their abdomen

June 2 – Went to RMA early in the morning (testing hours are 7-8:30 am). I was anxious. It seems silly because I know I won’t be doing the baby dance this weekend, but still anxious for the results and progress.

I was instructed to bring my Ovidrel shot. I took that along with an ice pack to keep it cooled. Was called back for my scan. Luckily I remembered to use the restroom first. Those transvaginal scans have quite a bit of pressure. I’m getting really good at sitting with half my ass hanging off the table in preparation for my ultrasound. Yay, me! Mostly because I don’t want to hear the dreaded “scoot down, please”. It is quite hard to be graceful when you are without bottoms, legs in a stir-ups, paper towel across your legs and trying to drag your flabby ass on cue down a narrow exam table. I make it a point to get myself in the right position on my own from the start. So far so good! Last time the doc lifted up the paper sheet and remarked…”oh, your practiced at this.” (Yaaas, bitch!) I’ll take that over “scoot down, a little more, a bit more…that’s it, almost there.” UGH! So there I lay in position and the lights go out, apparently on a timer. It was kinda peaceful, so I just closed my eyes and tried to calm myself, instead of flailing about to get them back on again. The nurse pops in and exclaims…oh, sorry you are in the dark! No worries, I am quite enjoying it. Anyway, I digress.

I had freshly shaved myself that morning and as the doc (new one, don’t remember her name) lubed up the wand she warned, "this is going to be cold". As soon as it touched it me I nearly shot off that table like a canon ball. Ohhhhh!! That is FREEZING!!! She laughed and said “I warned you. No one really wants that this early in the morning, that’s why I gave you a warning”. Yikes!! Then comes a great deal of pressure. Doc apologized and said that my right ovary was hiding. The pressure is fine, if all goes well, there will be about six pounds or pressure barreling through there in a few months. Press on, sister!!

Finally the elusive right ovary makes an appearance. Nothing there. Not that surprised, there was only one follicle that matured last cycle. I told the Doc this. (Not sure if she read my full chart before she got hurried in here. It's really busy here this morning). Then I asked her how my (endo) lining looked. She said it looked good and it was 8.5 mm. Yay!! I was hoping for at least 8 and it is supposed to keep growing. So I think 8.5 on CD 10 is a great start. I am excited and feel like the acupuncture and the wheat grass are doing their job! That’s good news.

Now on to look for that left ovary. Easily found, the doctor says there is one good follicle. I’m kinda disappointed. I must say I was hoping for more than one. I did one on my own last cycle, with no meds. Wasn’t the Letrozole/Femara supposed to give me more that one?? Since I won’t be baby dancing this cycle, it is kinda moot. But still, this is a science experiment, right?? (That and I'm either obsessive, competitive or BOTH!)

Doc says if I brought my Ovidrel shot the nurse can “help” me with it this morning. Help me?? Ummm….I am going to need more than help, since I haven’t been trained on how to give it to myself. Doc seems pleased and says, we’ll see you in a few weeks once you get your positive pregnancy test. Speak it into existence, girl! I can't help but grin from ear to ear, even though I know I won't be baby dancing! Ugh. Hopefully this doesn't turn into a massively expensive experiment with no baby at the end.

Off I go back to the waiting room. Nurse calls me back in to the office. Now, this is my third time meeting with this nurse and I am embarrassed to say…I have no idea what her name is. Bad on me. I ask her if my AMH results have come back. She says yes. They are .387. She says they would like it to be 1.0 or higher, but this is to be expected for my age (she calls it "age appropriate"...just shoot me now). She asks if FOB has had a semen analysis. I said no. She said that would probably be good. I see no point in mentioning that when I told him I needed his sperm, he told me that no one needed his sperm. I probably should have clarified then...did he mean for analysis or NO SPERM AT ALL??? She also asked if we had talked about IVF. I nodded but offered no further detail. I don’t want to be judgy, but IVF my donor eggs is not an option for me. There is nothing to talk about there. #SorryNotSorry

The nurse instructs me on how to give myself the trigger shot. Two inches on either the left or right side of my belly button. Alcohol swab, let try, get air out of syringe (wait for the fluid to glisten at the tip of the needle) and the plunge it into the abdomen. It didn’t hurt anymore than the acupuncture. I’m good with needles, luckily. Since the Ovidril is hCG it could trigger a false positive pregnancy test. I must not test until after the 19th. (Assuming I get to baby dance, otherwise really no point, is there???).

The nurse (must get her name) tells me to have sex tonight (Friday), Saturday and Sunday. She says the idea is to have the sperm there waiting for the egg when it arrives. The egg will only last 12-24 hours once it is released, unless a sperm penetrates it. Cool! Now if only there would be sperm waiting. Drats. Patience is key. August will be the best time, need to get my three months of prep work in. Acupunture will be three months at August 1. Prenatal will be three months at 3 months on July 8. All the other supplements will be three months around the end of July. Cigarette ceasation started on March 25 (smoked one or two on May 6th) and stopped heavy drinking on March 25. (Drank a few glasses on May 5 & 6th, more than a few on May 7th. Then not again during my period the last weekend of May)

Just started Royal Jelly today, the fresh kind. It is a very distinct flavor, indeed!

hCG shot gave me a headache. Ugh. Took a Tylenol in the form of a decongestant pill. It has Guaifenesin, so I get to test out the egg white cervical mucus (ewcm) theory there. I read in the book Making Babies that using the Guaifenesin (commonly found in Robitussin can help thin out mucus, including cervical mucus, and make it more hospitable for sperm and send it quickly on its merry way!

Mom called to check on me again. Wanted to know if I was walking or doing yoga. Haha. I just got back from my walk. Got in 18,000 steps today. She is very excited to be a “proper” age to be a grandma. She says now that she is almost retired, this is the perfect time. She said with my first, she was only in her 40’s and still quite busy. Funny, she was younger then than I am now. I’m going to be a mother of advanced maternal age (AMA), God willing!

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