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Where Did Father of Baby (FOB) Go?

Boston terrier using binoculars

May 29 – Memorial Day. Thank you for your service, FOB! (He was a Marine.) We got off our bums and exercised today! Tracking it all with FitBit and MyFitnessPal. Ate really well and survived a horrendous laundry experience in FOB’s building.

My apartment has a washer and dryer in my unit. I don’t have to deal with crazy people leaving their laundry in machines for hours and other crazy people just thrashing about the wet clothes of the other crazies! Yikes. This is his last weekend in this place (as primary residence) and then he’s off to a posh place in Philly where he will also have his own laundry IN the unit. Whew!

Did all the same smoothie stuff. Had about a bag of raw almonds. FOB made a yummy dinner of chicken breast, asparagus and pasta. Had a couple glasses of wine, Viognier. Yummy!

Letrozole CD 6. It is giving me headaches and making my hip joints hurt. Ouch. More breakouts. Have to do some research. I think the estrogen is at full speed because of the meds.

May 30 – I’m back at my apartment and have the day off. Made my maca smoothie. Watched a lot of Midwives on BBC/Youtube. (I'm obsessed with babies, pregnant bellies and labor!) Hip joints are still sore.

May 31 – Dental appointment. Prepregancy prep. Got all the plaque under the gums scraped off. OWW!!!

Acupuncture tonight with Klara at YinOva. I am so grateful for this complementary care during my treatment. She is so peaceful and reassuring. RMA is such a baby factory and YinOva is so nurturing. Thank GOD!!! We reviewed my update since last week. While I obviously didn’t want to have my period, Kara says it is good that my body has returned to normal so quickly. She said sometimes after miscarriage it takes a while, so all in all it is a good thing. My face has broken out since taking the Letrozole/Femara. Two new little zits popped up during the day today. Today is the last day of the dose. In two days I go back to RMA for the scan and possibly the trigger shot. Klara told me I may not get the trigger shot on Friday, depending on the follicle growth. It is all an experiment at this point. Let’s see what happens! Klara wants to see me back 24 hours after the 36 hourss from the trigger. (Got that??) She told me it was okay to add the Royal Jelly, as it helps with egg development. She said NOT to take the Black Cohosh and to go easy on the Flaxseeds. Flaxseeds can upset the estrogen balance in my system. Yikes! She reminded me to drink plenty of water.

I’m torn about the trigger shot now. In the vein of “let’s just see” it will be a “fact finding mission.” But FOB is mid-move to Philadelphia today and if I trigger on Friday, I likely won’t have time to BD in the 36 hour window. On the other hand, it is probably better to wait until after July to conceive. Why?? To give the eggs three months to get soaked up with all the yummy goodness that mommy has been feeding them! I started my prenatal on April 8th. So as of now, I haven’t even been taking it two months. Then I started all the really good food and herbs on May 8th. So July 8th will be three months of prenatal and August 8 will be three months of all things good for #1. (Since I only need 1 egg and the chance of getting pregnant at my age is 1%, the baby is #1 or the ONE or something like that. Unless of course I end up pregnant with twins, then that is a whole OTHER story. Good problem to have, no doubt.) In the interest of not losing time, I will press on with the fertility treatments as I work through this “pre-mester” and learn more about my body. But the most ideal egg will be released after the 8th of August.

A fertility acupuncture (Tanya Smith) site had this tag line “Cultivate the soil before planting the seed.” That really resonated with me. I am cultivating the soil for The One. :-)

On the other side, I was hoping to be in Philly doing plenty of baby dancing. A small part of me wonders if FOB has changed his mind. If he has, then it is better to know it now, right? That is one bell you can’t unring. Hopefully just crazy, random thoughts! I’ll continue to be as healthy as I can, since either way there is a small window. The rest I will leave in the hands of God. May HIS will be done.

The upside of FOBs move? (Must remember to be positive). He’ll be able to eat better, sleep better and work out on a regular basis. That has been difficult since he’s in a hotel room four nights every week. (It’s a wonder I got pregnant the first time, eh?) So with all this rest, good eating and exercise, his little swimmers will be better suited for the job ahead! Good vibes, good thoughts and lots of prayers, then!

Ordered a small infant beanie cap and it arrived. Put in under my pillow to give my hopes and prayers guidance. What is mine in mine, no one can take it from me. Amen.

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