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The Miscarriage Club

June 16th TGIF!! Had a great coffee house chat with an old colleague. She’s six months pregnant! Turns out last time I saw her she was pregnant and not announcing it yet, as she had previously had a miscarriage after giving birth to her (now 2 year old) daughter. When she shared that I told her about my own miscarriage and then we chatted about how common it is and how rarely it is discussed. She’s visiting from California and said she is classified as “high risk” because of her “advanced” age. Apparently California mandates all high risk moms receive genetic testing to determine if your baby has Downs. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the hand it is cost effective for parents who might not otherwise be able to afford this screening, however, if you know you aren’t going to terminate the pregnancy either way…why force the testing. <shrug>…need to contemplate that more.

On a higher, more positive note. I attended my first restorative (aka fertility) yoga class tonight. It was pretty awesome. Few poses with long sets and she gave me a few to take home. The whole atmosphere was pretty cool. It was in the home of the instructor and there were only two other students. She lives on 75th so I walked home after. It took me just under an hour to get to 139th street. Of course I stopped at a second hand store and bought a dress and then a corner vendor and brought fresh fruit. The air was cool which was perfect because I still had all my work stuff in tow. All in all, it was a great Friday! Talked to mom. Last time I talked to her she was all excited about being the age to be “proper” grandma and was looking forward to having a new grandchild. Now she seems to think I should look into getting a husband before having a(nother) baby. I’m hoping this is being sparked from my younger sister’s recent engagement and will pass. I can only focus on one worldly miracle at a time. Right now the miracle I am working on is to have a full-term pregnancy with my own egg at age 46. My to-do list if full mom!

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