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Managing Miscarriage and "Take Your Child To Work Day" in the Same Week

Man and daughter walking up stairs of office building

April 27, 2017 I'm not sure who on Madison Ave got their wires crossed, but it seems really odd that "Take your Child to Work Day" falls smack dab in the middle of Infertility Awareness week. Remind all the families battling infertility of the one thing they can't have by parading child after child in front of them for a day? Hmmmm. I'm going to pass on it that one. Thanks, though!

I call out from work on “take your child to work day.” I can’t bear to see all the little one running about the building. It is too soon and just too much. I stay home and cry. I text FOB. He sends me hugs and kisses via emoticons in a text. He texts "sorry baby, that is the best I can do from here…." It will have to do. I want a baby now. Is there an emoticon for that? Maybe it's all the hormones. Hopefully it will pass. All the mommy message boards call the baby born after a pregnancy loss a RAINBOW baby. I have a really strong urge to tray and make one of those.

I also have the urge to yell “I did not LOSE my baby”. When I have shared my experience people respond with …you lost your baby. It makes it sound like I was careless and left it behind on the subway or at a restaurant. The baby died, was not viable, is no longer with us. It is not lost. It is in heaven. Be well, sweet little angel.

As for my mind? I very well may lose THAT. Stay tuned.

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