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My First Fertility Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture needles

May 16 – Today was my first acupuncture treatment to improve my fertility. I'm being treated at Yin Ova in Manhattan. It is a very peaceful environment. I read that acupuncture is good with fertility treatments (in the Making Babies book) and am looking to use it to stay as “natural” as possible on this journey. I’m a stuck/dry type, according the book. One of the authors of Making Babies, Jill Blakeway, is the owner of Yin Ova.

My intake consultation was very thorough. I'm being treated by a woman, KB. She has a very calming, soothing energy. She seems very optimistic about my ability to get pregnant and have a child. This is the energy I need! Someone who believes that I only need one egg and that somewhere within me is the force to bring forth that one golden egg.

KB recommends that I come weekly and she explains all the things we'll be working on over the coming weeks. She encourages me to bring in my charting information and to take note of things like my sleep patterns, appetite, digestion and mood. Interesting. This is going to force me to "check in" with myself more regularly during the day than I had been previously. I liked it. If I was going to be able to make this baby, I was going to have to take much better care of myself. What a great way to start!

For the first time, I feel really hopeful and excited. I leave acupuncture feeling both relaxed and stimulated at the same time. My body was physically relaxed and my mind was alert in a way it hadn't been in a while. I don't know what median she opened up (maybe all of them?) but I suddenly felt alive and very virile.

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