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I am K. mary Elizabeth of age 26. I am from country India. Born and brought up in a pastor's family. I completed my Engineering studies and after that I also went to Theology seminary and did Master's in Divinity for three years. Right now I am doing ministry where I share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I wanna share my problem in few lines and why I came to this site. As I said I am 26 and not married yet. I have a problem with my menstrual cycle and my menstrual cycles have totally stopped. until and unless I take medicine then only my menstrual cycle comes. As per the reports Doctors have said that my FSH and LH Levels are very high. Even doctors couldn't diagnose what's the actual problem for the increase of above mentioned hormones. Doctor have said that I might be having pre mature ovarian failure. Used English medicine for 3 months but it's only a temporary solution. I have no idea of how to Slove this problem naturally and get my menstrual cycles regularly. Till now I spent lots of money regarding this problem but no proper solution. Some of my friends said that after getting married I will be alright able to conceive. Yesterday when I was seeing the YouTube some how I came across Tanika's vedios and signed up here so that I could get some help.


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